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Forklift Service/Forklift Repair

Our skilled forklift technicians have experience across multiple brands of equipment and our Mobile forklift service technicians can be dispatched to your location usually within a couple of hours. Most small repairs can be done on your site to get you back up and running quickly. We also have a full service forklift shop if needed for larger jobs to support quick turnaround.

Forklift Maintenance/Periodic Service

Proper care will drastically extend the life of your forklift truck and we provide an on-site flat rate scheduled maintenance service that is well worth the low cost investment. Our service includes a multipoint inspection including checking fluids and filters, replacing fluids and filters if necessary, greasing fittings, lubricating moving parts, and checking for leaks and safety issues. Preventative maintenance should be performed on a regular basis usually between 1 to 6 month intervals depending on your usage and operating conditions and we can help you determine the right interval and gladly add you to our maintenance schedule so that we can contact you when future service is due.

Forklift Repairs/Break Downs/Onsite/Mobile Repairs/Mobile Service

If your lift truck is not working, won't start, runs rough, leaks or has any other issue you want to address, call us and we can dispatch a qualified technician to your location, often within an hour or two of notification. We can service all brands of equipment and our labor rates are the lowest in the Charlotte area. Forklift service areas include:
Forklift Fuel Systems/Forklift Carburetors/Regulators/Forklift Fuel Injection/Forklift Fuel Lines/Forklift LP Gas or Diesel Forklift Fuel Systems/Carburetors/Regulators/Fuel injection/Fuel Lines/LP Gas or Diesel: If your forklift truck won't start, it's often the result of problems in the fuel system. Whether your truck runs on LP gas, Diesel or other fuel, our technicians can diagnose your problem, quote the repairs and get you up and running quickly.
Forklift Engine Leaks/Forklift Engine Knocks/Forklift Idling Issues/Forklift Transmission Leaks/Forklift Transmission noise/Forklift Poor Power Forklift Engine Leaks/Engine Knocks/Idling Issues/Transmission Leaks/Transmission Noise/Poor Power: Forklift Engines and Transmissions are the heart of any IC lift truck. If there are issues that are not addressed in a timely fashion, the result may be a significant or catastrophic failure. Don't let these issues linger; call us. We can help keep your engine and transmission in tune and make repairs that will protect your forklift investment.
Forklift Cooling systems/Forklift Radiators/Forklift Thermostats/Forklift Fluids/Forklift Hoses/Forklift Overheating/Forklift Temperature Issues Forklift Cooling systems/Radiators/Thermostats/Fluids/Hoses/Overheating/Temperature Issues: Your Forklift's cooling system provides protection from the damages caused by overheating and poor temperature control. There is more to protecting your engine from heat than just checking the coolant levels. Our trained professionals can make sure your cooling system is functioning correctly and make the repairs required to protect your equipment.
Forklift Electrical Systems/Motors/Alternators Forklift Electrical Systems/Motors/Alternators: Battery powered forklift trucks need service and repair too and even todays fuel powered units have a significant amount of electronics. Motors, PC Boards, solenoid valves and other electronic components will fail over time, shorts and electrical issues will occur, and wiring, harnesses and connectors will wear or become loose/disconnected. Our electronic specialists can efficiently and cost effectively diagnose and fix these issues for you.
Forklift Hydraulic Systems/Hydraulic Leaks/Hose Replacements Forklift Hydraulic Systems/Hydraulic Leaks/Hose Replacements: Hydraulics systems are the backbone to your forklift's lifting and put away functions. Hydraulic leaks and worn hoses are dangerous and could cause injury if not addressed. We stock hydraulic hosing and fittings of all sizes and can rebuild or replace your forklift trucks hydraulic valves, lift cylinders, tilt cylinders and side shifts.
Forklift Tires/Tire Inspection/Tire Retread/Tire Replacement/Load Wheels and Castors Forklift Tires/Tire Inspection/Tire Retread/Tire Replacement/Load Wheels and Castors: Tires can be a significant investment. Your truck's drive and steer tires, castors, bearings and load wheels will wear overtime or could become damaged. Chunking or splitting can occur to tires in some applications. Castors, bearings and load wheels on walkies and pallet jacks will also need to be replaced periodically and our techs can help. We offer full tire replacement and retreading services, and can repair or replace castors, bearings and load wheels on site. Our techs can also offer you valuable insight into how you can improve the life and reduce the costs associated with these wearable items.
Forklift Brake Service/Brake Repair/Brake Cylinders/Brake Pads/Brake Adjustment/Emergency Brake Repair Forklift Brake Service/Brake Repair/Brake Cylinders/Brake Pads/Brake Adjustment/Emergency Brake Repair: Brakes are another wearable item. Brake shoes and pads will wear, brake adjustments may be needed, cables will stretch or break and the hydraulics and brake cylinders may go bad.
Forklift Batteries/Battery Replacement/Battery Cables/Battery Connectors/Battery Service Forklift Batteries/Battery Replacement/Battery Cables/Battery Connectors/Battery Service: With the amount of electronics on today's vehicles, it is important that your forklift truck's electrical system is getting the right voltage and capacity reserves. Whether it's the small starter battery on an internal combustion engine unit or the main power supply in an electric forklift, making sure the truck battery, cables and connectors are correctly sized and in good working order will reduce problems in your trucks electrical systems. We can provide new or refurbished batteries depending upon your need and repair or replace cables, connectors and alternators if damaged or not working properly.
Forklift Safety Inspection and Compliance Forklift Safety Inspection and Compliance: Maintaining a safe work environments is an imperative to any business and lift trucks are outfitted with many safety features and safety related components that must be maintained. Seat belts must function smoothly, lights, horns and backup alarms must all be operational, Fork retaining pins must be in place, service and emergency brakes must function appropriately. Our technicians can help you ensure that your material handling equipment supports a safe working environment through our safety inspection and compliance service. We also keep in stock a large inventory of safety items, everything from brake components to seat belts, lights and backup alarms to forklift safety signs and decals.
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